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Use of HSE logo as an e-link to the HSE website

HSE is currently reviewing how its logo is used. We are keen for people and organisations to make links to our website, but wish to see this done through a consistently badged link. HSE Books are currently writing to a wide range of website owners that we know are currently using the basic HSE logo, asking them to use the new image in its place. 

This change of identifier for links to the HSE website is the only use of the logo that is being reviewed in relation to Local Authorities. There is no intention that where Local Authorities are using the corporate logo to demonstrate partnership working with HSE that there needs to be any change of approach. If you have any doubts about using the HSE logo, please contact either your Partnership Manager, or John Lack (0151 951 4087 – HSE Business Management Unit). 

These changes relate only to the use of logos as links to the website. No changes are required where hyperlinks are used to direct users to specific items on HSE’s website.