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Major hazards industry performance indicators

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE’s) Major Hazard Strategic Programme (MHSP) is interested in the development of key health and safety performance indicators (SPIs) for major hazard industries. At present, most industriesreport on lagging indicators (i.e. events that have occurred) that are not necessarily predictive of major hazard accidents as these are low frequency, high consequence events. Furthermore, it is difficult to assess industry progress in terms of reducing the likelihood of the events occuring. The purpose of the scoping study is to identify the work required to develop a single model or framework of peformance indicators that could be applied across the whole of the  Major Hazards sector, and to suggest how this could be done. Before development of such a model can begin, some initial work is needed to identify the scale of the problem and the scope of the work required.

Read the research report [PDF 180kb]