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Analysis of weld-through primers

These two reports analyse ‘weld-through primers’ using pyrolysis-gas chromatography mass spectrometry. The reports aim to determin the thermal degradation products generated during welding involving weld-through products and coatings. The information is, amongst other things, intended to aid completion of European Standard prCEN/ISO/TS 15011-5.

Report 1 – The objective of the work is to provide information on test methods, analytical methods and sampling procedures for the determination of thermal degradation products generated during welding processes involving weld-thro’ products and coatings. Report number HSL/2007/16:

Read the laboratory test report [PDF 170kb]

Report 2 – This report summarises initial tests to develop a laboratory testing procedure for identification of thermal breakdown products generated by weld-thro’ paints and primers on heating. Report number HSL/2007/17:

Read the initial tests report [PDF 300kb]