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Asbestos workers database: summary statistics

Summarises the data collected by the Asbestos Workers Survey during the period 1988-2004. The Asbestos Survey was established in 1971, following the introduction of the 1969 Asbestos Regulations (AR) (Hutchings and Hodgson, 1995). The regulations applied to every process that used asbestos or any article that contained asbestos, to ensure that exposure to asbestos fibres was minimised for all workers. Workplaces encompassed by the regulations were recruited into the survey until the late 1970s, and all employees at each workplace were eligible for inclusion. The workers in the survey attended a voluntary medical examination at two yearly intervals, or if they changed jobs within the asbestos industry. At the time of the examination, they completed a questionnaire with details of smoking history, occupational history and duration of exposure to asbestos. Report number HSL/2007/05.

Read the report [PDF 700kb]