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Vibration emission on road breakers

The measurements in this report have been made along side a project to investigate the declared noise emission of road breakers and how this relates to real use noise levels. Six road breakers were acquired for testing for the noise project. The opportunity was taken to revisit the investigation described in Ward (1998), on a smaller scale, but this time taking simultaneous triaxial vibration measurements on both handles of the machines where possible, during both the emission and in-use operations of the six tools.


The work described here had four main objectives:

  1. To collect vibration emission data in terms of total values as well as highest axis data and compare these data with the manufacturers’ declared emission values.
  2. To compare vibration emission values measured at HSL with vibration magnitudes also measured by HSL under real operating conditions and to consider the factors which influence the magnitudes measured.
  3. To provide feedback for the relevant standards committee responsible for the revision of EN 28662-5.
  4. To provide HSE with information regarding point 2 above, so that it can better inform users and suppliers of machines of the worth of vibration emission data for the purposes of estimating vibration exposure

Read the report [PDF 1.8mb]