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Slips Assessment Tool (SAT) software updated

HSE along with HSL have updated and reissued the Slips Assessment Tool (SAT). The original version was launched in October 2004. Since then, there have been 8,500 downloads of SAT and there are over 1300 registered users. The tool is used both by health and safety personnel and by regulatory inspectors who use it during routine inspections and in investigations.

Early in 2006 HSL conducted a user survey to obtain feedback on SAT with a view to carrying out a simple update. The survey provided numerous examples of improvements in slip controls, which users had incorporated at their workplaces following use of SAT. For example:

  • ‘Considered surface treatment, changes to the cleaning regime, changes to frequency of cleaning, improved barrier matting’.
  • ‘We changed to a new mopping system and reduced our slips and falls as a result.’
  • ‘Showed how by changing cleaning methods and applying spill controls, the risk rating came down from medium to low risk’

The survey showed that no fundamental changes to SAT were called for, but there were requests for enhancements, which would make the tool more useful or easier to use. As far as possible, the requested enhancements have been incorporated into the new version.

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