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Fibre classification – their potential hazard and risk

Although there is considerable knowledge of the hazards and risks of asbestos and machine made vitreous fibres (MMVF), there are many other fibre types in production and use. These include: synthetic, some semi-synthetic fibres (eg cellulosic fibres) which are sometimes referred to as machine-made (or man-made) organic fibres (MMOFs) and also a range of other non-organic fibres and whiskers and specialist technical fibres including various types of carbon fibres and nanofibres. This project was designed to carry out an audit of these “other” fibres based either on available data or by making a series of measurements of their physical dimensions, properties and behaviour. This included bench scale assessments of the solubility and dustiness, if the fibres were found to be small enough to be inhalable – RR503.

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